For Uganda

The Uganda project is working together with CanUgan to create products through co-creation with locals in Kasese, Uganda for people with disabilities.


As the Festival Accessibility Group (Universal Festival) we aim to design products, services or systems that will allow festivals to be an all inclusive event.


The Maker Movement project is investigating new paradigms for prototyping and local manufacturing, as well as bringing the maker movement to a wider audience.

Industrial Designer looking to create sustainable products that can improve the lives of people living in adverse conditions.
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Photography, Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Industrial Design projects are my main outlets.
Hi, my name is Zoe Krug and I am excited to be designing for disabled people living in poverty.
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Using simplistic design to creatively overcome the challenges of rural Uganda in order to assist those with disabilities.
A keen industrial design student working to provide everyone with the same experience
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Hello, my name is Jasmine
I am an avid creator who sculpts through abstract geometry and strives to always balance work with play.
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I'm investigating the future of the maker movement as well as the relationship between physical and digital forms.
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Remy Godzisz. Student. Designer. Chiropractor.
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I'm Kristine Vodon, I love art, design and staying active