Annotated Bibliography

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Week 2:

Disability in Local & Global Worlds
Benedicte Ingstad, Susan Reynolds Whyte

Disability in Different Cultures
Brigitte Holzer, Arthur Vreede, Gabriele Weight

Disability and Poverty: A Global Challenge
Arne H. Eide, Benedict Ingstad

Disability and Culture
Benedict Ingstad, Susan Reynolds Whyte

Week 3:

Poverty & Disability

Disability & Poverty

Disability & Inclusion: Women

End the Cycle: Women, Disability & Poverty. Double the Challenges.

Gender Equality: An End in Itself and a Cornerstone of Development

Rights of Women with Disabilities

Week 5:

Economic Empowerment of Women Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Partnership for Research on Ugandan Women with Disabilities - Phase 2
recommended to me by Navin

GBV Prevention Network
A database of resources about disability, gender, poverty, and violence in Africa.

17 Examples of Pedal Power and Propulsion

Pedal Powered Kitchen Center an Idea Whose Time has Come

Pedal Powered Washing Machine gets Big Company Backing

Learning to Serve in Uganda

Week 14:

Speaking Out: Women of Uganda